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Aug 022011

Who doesn’t have a dream of flying at some point in their life? Effortlessly soaring through the air, total freedom in the skies above.

This is our business at Euram GesmbH. The essence of our company revolves completely around flying.

Euram is an international company with headquarters  in Kematen near Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria. It is managed by Michael P. Ladstaetter, an expert pilot, longtime FAA flight instructor, airline transport pilot and member of the National Examiner Board.

You will learn more about us on the following pages. Should you have any questions we are glad to assist you and give you more information if you need.  Please contact us for further questions or visit us in Kematen near Innsbruck.

Special offer for European Pilots who want to fly in the USA:

The brochure  “Flying in the USA” by Michael P. Ladstaetter – is a must for European Pilots who would like to fly in the United States!

The Euram Shop is now OPEN for business with a complete online shopping experience which includes parts listings, prices and pictures!

FAA Pilot Examiner –

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