Flight School


EURAM operates a flight school in Kematen just outside of Innsbruck, Austria and provides professional pilot training for private, commercial and airline pilots according to FAA- and ICAO standards.

As one of the only professional FAA-flight centers in Europe all training for all licenses and ratings as well as biennial flight reviews (BFR) or instrument competency checks (ICC) can be performed in Innsbruck or at your airport.

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An additional main business of Euram is the aviation consultant business for aircraft operators, flight management center for private and business aircraft, aircraft rental and maintenance of US registered aircraft.

you can now also have your fingerprints taken at EURAM. After registering at the Alien Flight Student Program choose EURAM from the TSA Printing Office. Conveniently located in the heart of Europe or if you require we will even travel to your location.

EURAM is cooperating with several flight training centers in the US as well, where according to your choice, you can also perform the training in the US.

The training center in Innsbruck is equipped with the latest training devices like video training, computerized learning as well as flight simulator training.

From Innsbruck airport we operate the following aircraft at the present time:

Piper PA-28-181 full IFR

Hundreds of pilots have been trained by Michael P. Ladstätter, many of them are in service with Austrian Airlines, Lauda Air, Tyrolean, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air Alps and other major airlines and commercial operators

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