Aviation legal services


Aircraft appraisal and adjuster service

Euram GesmbH can help you in a whole variety of aviation related questions. You need a reliable source that can appraise the value of your aircraft or you need to determine costs for repairs for the damage to your aircraft.

Euram Gesmbh. can also assist you in any legal questions in regards to aviation such as registration or deregistration of your aircraft in different countries.

Euram Gesmbh. can assist you in the purchase or sale of your aircraft and protect your interest in the change of titles.

Euram Gesmbh. also can help you in questions such as construction restrictions at or near airports and provide you with the neccessary information to solve your problems.

Euram Gesmbh. can help you in aviation related court cases. We have court appointed aviation experts on staff that can help protect your rights in any legal ligitation.

Euram Gesmbh. is here for your service.
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