Vaccination By Aircraft


The modern way to vaccinate your wildlife stock


By distributing the vaccination pieces by aircraft you achieve a well documented and precise vaccination action for your wild life stock.

We place the vaccination pieces to the places where they are most effective. We can reach even areas that are inaccessible by foot thus increasing the efficiency and reach of your vaccination effort.

You let us know the area and intensity of your vaccination requirements and we will provide you with a detailed distribution plan.

Usually we fly a defined area in stripes of 1.000 square kilometers and deliver the desired intensity.

After the successful delivery we provide you with a detailed documentation of the area covered. You can then check for yourself the efficiency of the vaccination effort. Usually our method provides for a success rate of 95% or higher.

The cost per square kilometer is an astonishing 2.50 Euro + VAT, a price, that is justified by a exceptional cost/effort.

If you would like to check out our concept, please call or send an e-mail so that we can provide you with a detailed offer for your area. If you have any questions please do not hestitate to contact us.

Please note: price information is a standard price and is based on a minimum area of 1.000 square kilometers and can vary. We are glad to give you a detailed offer for your special requirement.

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